About Us

Meet the Crew!

Crew Member: Andrew
From: Ashtabula, OH

Andrew has been with Auto Spa since 2021. He has been a great add-on to our team. Drew is in charge of all customer service inquiries but he wears many hats. Drew loves to be a part of such a great group of co-workers as this is his favorite part of the job. Drew brings a variety of skill sets to our team but one that stands out is empathy. He shines bright when he works with others and the customers love to talk to Drew! During his free time, he enjoys traveling, collecting sports cards, and golfing. Next time you speak with Drew on the phone, maybe ask him where is the last place he traveled to!

Crew Member: John
From: Jefferson, OH

John was our very first full-time employee. With Auto Spa from the beginning! It is our pleasure to have John for all of these years as he has been a foundation in our crew. John is out in the field daily, attending to his assigned car washes, cleaning, maintaining, and checking mechanics. A very important position in the car wash industry! A fun fact about John is he is also heavily involved in farming. Not only does he work full-time for Auto Spa but he is a full-time farmer as well during the designated season. If you see John at one of our locations, give him a wave!

Crew Member: Derek
From: Kingsville, OH

Derek is the IT specialist at Auto Spa. When anything technology-related arises, Derek is there to solve the issue. His unique skill set is vital to a steady running day! Since 2018, Derek has been working in IT here at Auto Spa. On the weekends, Derek enjoys eating ice cream and bird-watching. Are there any birdwatchers reading this? Well, Derek is your guy! A fun fact about Derek is he loves Mac n’ Cheese. The type of love where you eat it every day. We enjoy having Derek as a part of the Auto Spa team as he carries great knowledge in IT services along with his stellar humor.

Crew Member: Evan
From: Ashtabula, OH

Another recent addition to our team is Evan! We have had Evan as a part of our crew since 2021. On a daily, Evan carries a role similar to John and Cody. Taking care of his designated washes. A few reasons why Evan likes being a part of our crew is he enjoys working outdoors and experiences new challenges daily. During his free time, he likes to find new projects around the house. One of his favorite movies is Lord of the Rings! Evan is a friendly face you will always see at our locations. Be sure to say hello!

Crew Member: Mike
From: Boardman, OH

With our car washes sending our team to take on different projects daily, that is one of Mike’s favorite things about Auto Spa! Mike is a family man and appreciates spending time with his friends and loved ones. A hobby he enjoys aside from work is gardening. Mike shows a strong dedication to his role at Auto Spa and always lends a hand where needed. The perfect movie you will catch Mike watching is Shrek! How can you not love Shrek, right?! We are happy to have Mike and all our employees on our stay as they all bring a unique skillset that makes our crew so special.